About CDC

Compliance Design Consultants (CDC) is a disabled access consulting firm specializing in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and California Title 24 Accessibility Guidelines. Practical field experience with a variety of clients and facility types enables CDC to identify access barriers and recommend compliant and cost-effective solutions to accommodate individuals with disabilities. We are CASp certified inspectors and can provide CASp surveys and CASp certifications. CDC is also certified by the International Code Counsel.

CDC is committed to excellence in the continued research, knowledge and interpretation of the access laws in order to effectively consult our clients. Our education in disabled access regulations is continued through extensive studies, past case analysis, disability rights associations, attendance at numerous seminars, educational classes and sensitivity training programs focusing on the ADA. Additionally, CDC has gained expertise through professional relationships with city building officials, technical assistance representatives, accessibility consultants, attorneys, property managers, architects and members of the disabled community.

Karen O. Haney, Principal of Compliance Design Consultants, has been a disabled access consultant since 1992. She is certified by the State of California, Division of the State Architect as a Certified Access Specialist (CASp). She is also certified by the International Code Counsel as an Accessibility Inspector / Plans Examiner. Ms. Haney has served as an expert for hundreds of accessibility related cases. She has personally conducted access compliance surveys and CASp inspections on millions of square feet of property types including commercial, retail, industrial, public and residential sites.

Helping clients with disabled access issues since 1992.